Indiana Genealogy: New Albany-Floyd County Library

Are you working on Indiana genealogy? If you live in southern Indiana, you'll want to get familiar with the resources in the Indiana Room at the New Albany Floyd County Library.

I did that today. As I perused the books, my mind was just reeling, thinking of ways this information would come in handy.

The Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Collection

SIGS has a whole wall full of books written to help with Indiana genealogy. From general help guides for getting started gathering information about living relatives, to doing online research, to getting into more local records that aren't available online, you can find a book that will point you in the right direction.

The Indiana Room at the New Albany-Floyd County LibraryThe Indiana Room at the New Albany-Floyd County Library

Do you want information about German settlers in southwest Indiana? How about local Daughters of the American Revolution, or information about Revolutionary War pensioners? Want to learn about "first families"--the pioneers who first settled the Indiana Territory before it was a state? Your ancestor could be one of them.

Looking for the Compendium of American Genealogy? They have it. Do you want genealogy magazines or source guides? It's there. How about the United States Roll of Honor? You can find your ancestor listed among the service men and women in any conflict in American history.

Land Records, Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers

I saw everything from Floyd County Estates to deeds to titles to wills.  There are maps and atlases and gazetteers. If ever you wanted to tie your ancestor to the land they owned, you'd have an abundance of ways to do it here.

You could see your ancestor's property on a historic topographical map and get the lay of the land. You could read how he divided up his estate among his heirs. You could see what role the land played in the history of southern Indiana.

Indiana Genealogy and the History of the State

I was amazed at the abundance of information on the people and the history of Indiana. I'm used to genealogy teaching me some things about the history of an area I'm working in, but here, I found a level of richness and depth that you just can't get online.

Want to learn about your slave ancestors, or see if you can discover an Underground Railroad hero in your family tree? It would be incredible to tie into the history of your family just one of the personal stories of bravery, heroism, and sacrifice, or suffering, endurance and the pursuit of freedom contained in these books .

What are the chances your German ancestors came to the United States via the Port of Philadelphia, then settled in Indiana? Want to find the passenger list with their names on it? How about seeing their naturalization records or learning of their point of origin in Germany? Were they Catholic? Lutheran? Reformed? What about that missing child, buried somewhere, that nobody's ever been able to find? Could she be listed in the cemetery records of a German church nearby?

Could your people have played a role in abolishing slavery in Indiana in 1810 or getting the Indiana Territory admitted to the Union in 1816? How about setting up the capital at Corydon in 1813, or moving it to Indianapolis in 1816? Did someone related to you have a position on the State Legislature, or represent Indiana in Congress? Maybe just run for sheriff or mayor in a small rural town?

Did your ancestors work at the steamboat factory at the Port of Indiana, or as a fireman on a locomotive for the Minon Railroad? Did they help with rebuilding efforts after the Great 1937 Flood or lose their homes in the tornado outbreak of 1965? This is the place to come and find out.

Did they play a part in the rich religious heritage and diversity that has been a part of local history, or help explore Indiana's natural resources back in the day?

These are the kinds of stories that make Indiana genealogy exciting!

The resources available at the New Albany-Floyd County Public library will be indispensable in helping you learn these kinds of wonderful details about your ancestors!

Hours and Policies

The library doesn't appear to have online records to search, but you can search the catalog for Indiana genealogy resources online at Their genealogical holdings are not circulated; in other words, they don't allow you to check them out. But the public is welcome to come and look during library hours.

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