Foreign Language Experiences

Ever wish you could read the journal of someone who had written about their foreign language experiences? Now you can!

Follow me as I tour St. Petersburg and Berlin. Experience learning Russian--all in Russian. Experience learning German, all in German. See what it's like to meet your host family and get to know them, as well as find your way around town in a new language!

Russia - October 2018

A little over a year ago, a woman from my church congregation--an immigrant from Russia who struggles to communicate in English--asked me for help with her genealogy. My effort to help her revived a long-held desire to get my foreign language skills to a point of being useful for doing family history research and travel.

I started studying Russian online.

I soon realized I would never get to a point of feeling like I could communicate with native speakers unless I went to a country where I would have to learn the language to survive. I knew I was going to have to go to Russia and earn some serious language credentials if I was ever going to be taken seriously as a foreign-speaking genealogist.

Enter: my trip to Russia in October of 2018.