Using the FamilySearch App

As simple as the online version is, using the FamilySearch app is even easier! In this tutorial, I'll show you how do all the things you're familiar with on the website right on your smartphone or tablet. You'll need to make sure you have an account set up. I'll assume you know how to download the Family Tree app, and open it. 

Let's dive in!

Searching For Records

When the app first opens (after you sign in), you get this pedigree screen. The '+' signs are places where you can add someone, if you already know something about them. 

 Using Hints |Records Search | Adding a Memory | Changing A Profile Pic

To start with, I want to show you how to search for for records you can add to someone in your tree. You can scroll around on the pedigree screen until you find someone to tap on. I'm going to top on 'Recents' and select someone I've been working on. His name is Charles W. Hoffman. He married my Grandma's great-aunt Sadie May Adam. This will open his profile.

Once you have your chosen ancestor and you have a profile open, tap on the three little gray dots in the upper right corner next his or her name, and you'll get this pop-up:

Tap on 'Search Records'.

As you can see, the app gives you a way to search on other websites. You're free to use these if you have accounts set up. We're going to  click on "FamilySearch", because we want to stay in the app for now.

How to set up your Ancestry account

This gives me a list of records, but it also gives me link on the page that says "Refine Search". If you tap on that, you can edit the search fields to really drill down on what it is you're looking for.

You can see the links for searching by marriage date and place, residence, death date and place, spouse and person. When you click on those links, more search fields open up. 

In my case, the search is already giving me the record I want: a Find A Grave record, so I just click the blue 'Update' button at the bottom or tap out of the refine search function. I'll go ahead and tap the Find A Grave record, and now I get this record screen:

Again, click on the three little dots next to your ancestor's name. In the pop-up, tap on "Review Attachments". You'll get this "Review and Attach" screen:

Scroll down until you see a fact highlighted in blue on the left, with a little '+' sign pointing to the right. Tap on that '+' sign, and it will slide over to the right and higlight in green, showing it has been added to your tree. You can undo this, if you click on the little "undo" arrow at the top of the fact.

Now scroll down to the bottom.

Tap the "Review and Attach Record" button. That will put you back on the records screen, where you'll be able to see everything attached.

 Using Hints |Records Search | Adding a Memory | Changing A Profile Pic

Using Record Hints in the FamilySearch App

Next, I need to show you how to use record hints. Let's start back on the ancestor profile screen:

Tap the little blue ID-looking icon between your ancestor's profile photo and his or her name. This will open the list of available hints for your ancestor:

Now the FamilySearch app gives you a screen showing what the record contains. Review the information to be sure you want to add this record. Then, scroll down to the bottom and tap the green 'Compare' button.

You'll get this screen to review the hint.

Scroll down through and do a final review to make sure you really want this record. Enter a reason why you're adding this hint. If you can give some details and show your thinking, it reduces the chance that someone will come along and undo your work.

 Now go to the bottom and click "Yes, Attach". This takes you to the "Review and Attach" screen described in the records search section above. You'll want to follow those steps to finish adding the hint.

 Using Hints |Records Search | Adding a Memory | Changing A Profile Pic

Adding a Memory

We start the process of adding a memory in the FamilySearch app  by selecting an ancestor that we want to add the memory to. 

Tap to open your profile (or if you're adding a memory to another ancestor, tap that ancestor's profile).

Tap on the "Memories" link in the menu bar.

Tap on the green "+" sign.

Select which kind of memory you want to add. In my case, I'm going to upload a photo, so I tap "Add Photo". Since this is my first time doing this on the app, I get a prompt asking permission to access photos and camera, so I tap "OK".

Now we can see photos that are stored on my phone. I select the one I want to add and click "Upload", then "Save". This saves the photo and associates it with my selected ancestor.

The process for writing a story, uploading a document, or recording audio is the same. You just select which kind of memory you're adding. Let the app show you the options you have stored on your phone, or, if you're writing a document, it'll give you a text editor and open your keyboard. Make your selection or enter the title and text of whatever you're writing, then tap "Save", and you're done!

 Using Hints |Records Search | Adding a Memory | Changing A Profile Pic

Changing A Profile Picture

In my case, I want to use the photo I uploaded as my profile picture. I go back to my profile.

I click on where my profile picture goes, next to my name. Now I can see all photos currently associated with my profile.

 I select the one I want.

 I drag the middle of the circle to center it where I want it, and I drag the green handle to shrink or expand the circle as needed. Once I'm satisfied that it looks the way I want it to, I click "Save". 

Now I can see my new profile picture.

Changing the profile picture for yourself or for any of your ancestors works the same way.

 Using Hints |Records Search | Adding a Memory | Changing A Profile Pic